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Zhilin won three patent infringement retrial cases Time:2019-09-29 Hits:2252

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Recently, Zhilin’s senior partner Mr. Di ZENG and his team won the series patent infringement retrial cases related to the automobile seat. The Supreme People’s Court has rejected the retrial applicant’s request respectively.

The client is located in Zhejiang province and mainly produces automobile parts. Its parent company has applied many patents in a kind of automobile seat and has granted an exclusive license to the client to employ these patents. In 2016, the client found that the competitor infringed three concerned patents as aforementioned, then entrusted Zhilin to provide relevant law services on this matter.

Since the client and the competitor were not able to reach an agreement on the amount of compensation, Zhilin acting the client filed a lawsuit respectively for the three cases. Zhilin won all the three cases in the first-instance court and second-instance court.

During the execution procedure, the client received the retrial notice. The infringer refused to accept the judgment of the second-instance of Zhejiang Higher People's Court and applied to the Supreme People's Court for retrial.

In the end, the Supreme People's Court rejected the retrial application of the infringer on the grounds that the evidence was insufficient to prove their claims, and supported the judgments of the first-instance and the second-instance.